3D 08eng POS Marketing


POS Marketing



Are you looking for an interesting product segment for your points of sale that sets you apart from your competitors and at the same time satisfies the need for “something new” among your customers?



Our digital and physical 3D products are the ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries or just the little pleasure you treat yourself to.



You can place the scanner on a 9 m² stand and provide an employee for the time of the scans, we do the rest. So the media-present topic of 3D printing is now finding its way into your POS.




Our POS system enables you to achieve a high contribution margin with a low investment sum.

Wherever our scanners are located, they generate the highest level of attention – 3D fascinates.





You have an idea – we have the solution.



Contact us and we will develop a concept tailored to your requirements.