The online shopping experience is developing drastically.
Within the last few years there have been enormous improvements to enhance the shopping experience for every customer.

3D Models are going to be the next step in this process.
With ever more far-reaching high speed Internet the way is set for the area-wide use of 3d models in online stores.

Do not miss this opportunity.

3D Online Shop Demo

Use the advantages of 3D Avatars in your Online Shop. Enable on-page activations to invite your customer to interact with your product.

360° Panorama Image

Let the spectacular view attract your customer and invite them to look and “touch” your clothes.

Four steps to your own 3D models

Invite us to the photoshoot
We scan your models
We process the scans
Your 3D-Models online

Let´s have a talk about Your project!

What´s NEXT?

Explore further possibilities of 3D Scanning. We are working on revolutionary new features that can further improve your company. Take a look!

Body Measurement

With every scan comes a complete body measurement to give you and your customers the extra data they need.


As soon as a person is scanned they can try on your entire scanned collection on their phone!