3DMobil has made it its mission to make the fascination and benefits of 3D technology and its products accessible to a broad public at an unbeatable price. Tens of thousands of scanned people had one thing in common – fun and enthusiasm.

3D Mobil is one of the marketleading companies in 3D Body Scanning. Based on its State of the art scanning technology new fascinating features are constantly being  developed.

Due to the ever-increasing interest in digital meeting spaces, such as digital 3D trade fairs, showrooms and video conferences, there is an increased demand for digitized real people. Be it as team presentations, for video conferences, for TV and film productions, or 3D visualization of e.g. sports teams or entire fashion collections. 

In addition to ready-made system packages, 3DMobil offers individual solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. 

Based on a constantly evolving technology, our customers receive the best 3D products, such as 3D avatars, 3D figurines 360° AR presentations or social media marketing.

Our technology and services are quickly adaptable to customer requirements and unbeatable in price in comparison to other existing solutions on the market. 
For example, our systems make it possible for the first time to scan and digitize even large groups of people in a short time. Entire workforces of a company or an event can be digitized this way.

3DMobil covers the entire scope of the digital palette. From the planning and execution of the scans, to the digital processing of the data, to the creation of 360° photos and the printing of 3D figures, everything takes place in-house. In this way we guarantee products and services at the highest level.

3DMobil has set itself the goal of making the fascination of 3D technology and the resulting 3D products accessible to a large group of users. 

Through cooperations with companies like SKY, the DFL and many event organizers new sales areas were opened. 

No event is too small or too big for us. Our area of operation starts with single events with one scanner at your trade fair or in your company, up to a roadshow in 10 locations at 100 dates at the same time. 

Contact us and let us know your wishes.

Get to know the leadership

Gummy bears and pens are okay….

But we want to give people something really memorable! 

Henry Schönfeld:
Henry started his first own business when he was XY years old. YZ Years later his entrepreneurial spirit has not aged at all. His affinity for technology and the huge nerd in him let him found the company in 201Z.

Leonard König:
His career in gaming has led him to become an energetic moderator and person who can capture and entertain audiences. Many years of event and tournament experience lit up his motivation and spirit for the event business which is still his main inspiration to thrive with this company.

Jakob Jakobsen:
An extremely ambitious person, he is always looking to improve his skills while supporting others who are trying to reach for the stars. His focus on effectiveness will always allow him to improve his performance and that of his team.

Henry Schönfeld
Jedi Meister
Leonard König
Jedi Meister
Super Heftig General
Jakob Jacobsen
Super Heftig General