3DMobil has made it its mission to make the fascination and benefits of 3D technology and its products accessible to a broad public at an unbeatable price.

Tens of thousands of scanned people had one thing in common – fun and enthusiasm.

What’s 3D Scanning?

Flashing lights, 105 micro cameras and five seconds.

This is all our 3D full-body scanner needs to create a photorealistic 3D Model of you or your potential customers.
Imagine every customer in a store, every visitor at a live event or a fair gets 3D scanned for free. Within minutes they can see their own 3D avatar as a 3D model on their mobile phone. Now place this avatar in a customized 3D environment and you have got a unique new platform to present your brand, business, and products and create a lasting impression on every visitor.

Full-body 3D Scanning has never been easier, don’t miss out on it!


Your Benefits 

Impress your customers or visitors with our 3DMobil event service

  1. Attract the visitors attention
  2. Facilitate interaction with possible customers
  3. Generate additional leads
  4. Create an individualized gift for every visitor
  5. Gather contact data 
  6. Display your products in a digital showroom 
  7. Receive additional brand impressions on social media due to sharing options
  • Create digital 3d avatars
  • Use mobile Applications to set 3d avatars in Panoramas, Showrooms or via Augmented-Reality in the real world
  • Our service includes high speed 3D scanning, 3D avatar creation, 3D printing and a full event or point of sale service.
  • Profit form the short innovation circle and impress your visitors regularly with new possible applications
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  •  Become our partner, set up your own scanning system to generate an additional stream of revenue and an engaging experience for your customers. 
  • Use our event service for your venue or fair. Offer every visitor a unique experience and a new way to interact with company and products.
Scanning Day
  • You need professional 3D Models of your team or staff for media usage? We take care of the whole scanning and post productions for you.

3D Models in Use


3D Figurines

First of all, the 3D models generated by our scanning system can be 3D printed in full color. We will take care of the whole production process so you can capture a moment of your lives forever with our lifelike 3D Figurines. Get yourself a physical Mini-Me as an incentive or present your coworkers or team in your venue. Our color figurines make for a great eye-catcher.

Digital 3D Models

Then of course the digital 3D models themselves can be used in a variety of cases. It can be used as an incentive while placed in a digital 360° showroom. Also you can create 3D models for different media purposes like TV Broadcasting, Game development and 3D online shop presentations.

360° Panorama Integration

Let your customers enter places that are usually unavailable or just let them share your venue via social Media for the world to see. This works for real venues or animated environments as well.

Augmented Reality Applications

Place your mini-me anywhere. With our 3D Scanning technique your customers can take themselves to the most remarkable places and take pictures that have never been seen before.

Social Media 

We can brand all of our digital and physical products for you, so every time someone shares their 3D Scanning experience with friends and family on social media, the world will see your or your sponsors logo.

Where can full body 3D Scanning be applied?

Here are examples of use cases where full body 3D Scanning can be applied.


Events and Fairs 

3DMobile scanning service makes a great addition to your event portfolio to get attention, give out incentives and create leads. Get a detailed look. 



Sport Venues 

One of the most interesting fields of use, is the professional sports business. Imagine every fan of a sports club entering his home ground digitally and getting his 3D avatar into the inner sanctum of his favorite club.

Fashion and online shopping 

Your online shop can profit from full body 3D Scanning too. Get 3D Models to let your customers engage with your product and your brand.




For you to get a quick overview of most interesting projects here are some companies we had the pleasure of working with.