Advance your clubs medial representation and possibilities with our unique 3D full-body Scanning Service.

Your Benefits




3D Figurines of your team 

This kind of merchandise has never existed before. Simply distribute the figures via our system and profit without additional expenses. In addition, the player figures can also be distributed via your online store or fan stores.


3D Avatars 

Create the high-quality 3D avatars for film, TV and game publishers easily and in best quality yourself. The digital post-production will be done by us afterwards. These can then be marketed in various ways. The FBX files can be used on TV or for advertising.


Teamphoto 2.0

Present your team in 3D in our exclusive 360° panorama photo and give your fans the feeling of being right in the middle of your team.

3D Figurine merchandise of your team

Simply distribute the figurines with our system and profit without additional expenses. In addition, the player figurines can also be distributed via your online or fan shop. 

3D Avatars

In 2018 we have worked together with Sky and the DFL to create high quality 3D Avatars of Bundesliga players, so they can be used on national Television.

Teamphoto 2.0 

Present your team in 3D in a 360° environment, use the opportunity to create an exciting new atmosphere to strengthen the bond with your fans.

Engage with your fans

You are looking for ways to give your fans individual gifts to thank them for all their love and support?
To create individual gifts you would cause production costs  and organisation hassle.

Imagine your fans entering a shining piece of cutting edge technology, just to see themselves in 3D inside of a 360° Panorama of your stadium. The 3DMobil Event Service will create unique incentives for up to 600 Fans in only eight hours.

You can see them sharing their experience with friends and family on social media and you do not have to worry about production or expenses, while you can see your fans leaving your venue with a smile on their face.



Invite your fans to give them a personalized gift with their very own 3D Model in the center of your arena 


Receive a 360° panoramic photo of your stadium 


Beam your fans onto your lawn 


Watch your fans share this experience with their friends via social media 

3D Scan Event

Our state of the art 3D technology and 3D products enable your fans to experience the club in a fascinating new way. The 3D model of the fan is integrated into the 360° panorama of your stadium. The lawn remains unharmed and yet they finally stand on your home ground.

Let everyone know about it! Start a campaign and encourage your most loyals to get scanned and share the experience with the world. Every panoramic picture has social media links integrated to make it easier for your fans. When someone looks at the post, your club´s and sponsor´s logos are displayed.

Let´s have a talk about your next project!

The four steps to your 3D Models

We provide a hassle free service to get you the 3D products needed

Invite us to your home ground
We scan your team
We process the scans
You receive the 3D models